Dr Caroline Horner

Dr Caroline Horner is an executive coach, consultant and educator with more than 20 years’ international experience. She works with leaders, helping them to create the impact they want on the world and to thrive during times of transition.

As managing director of i-coach academy, she has created one of the UK’s most respected coaching programmes and enabled hundreds of aspiring coaches to reach the highest professional standards. Before establishing i-coach, Caroline worked as VP Marketing for NatWest Card Services, as well as other management roles across the IT, Telecommunication and Corporate Communications sectors in the UK and South Africa.

My aim is to deliver organisation effectiveness through individual and team excellence. My key focus is on challenging both corporate and personal paradigms to help individuals, teams and organisations enhance their capacity to learn and perform in ever-changing environments.

As a coach Caroline creates a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space in which you can explore issues in fresh and inspiring ways, helping you to gain new insights and make important choices. She acts as a mirror, supporting you to spot patterns that may limit your effectiveness and find answers to your challenges. Acknowledging that everyone works in a system, Caroline will facilitate your awareness of the wider context and help you understand and influence for greater impact. Caroline works with clients to examine their perceptions and interpretations of the world and to experiment with new behaviours. The experience is often challenging, sometimes surprising but always illuminating. Caroline’s approach works well for those that are curious about themselves, open to challenge and motivated to learn and make a difference.

Some of the outcomes are straightforward and business-oriented – more effective leadership; enhanced team and organisation engagement; greater influence and resilience; a successful transition to a new role or career. Other outcomes – such as confidence, fulfilment, meaning and a sense of purpose – are less tangible but equally important.

Caroline frequently works with leaders, board members and senior teams across the public, private and not for profit sectors. While her clients include multinationals and government organisations such as the UN, Ministry of Defence, Royal Navy, Department of Work and Pensions, InfraRed Capital Partners, GSK, Airbus, Mid-Cheshire Foundation Trust, NHS Leadership Academy and Deloitte, Caroline is equally at home working with individual entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Caroline’s qualifications include a Doctorate in Coaching Psychology from Middlesex University; an MBA (Distinction) from Imperial College, London; Caroline is an accredited mediator and holds the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) EIA award at Master Practitioner level. She is trained in a range of psychometrics including Hogan and has BPS Level A and B accreditation. A member of the EMCC and ICF and has regular supervision for her practice.


"Caroline is both a kind and challenging coach. She has a lovely style where she’s able to help you reflect quite honestly on what you want to improve and develop, whilst feeling supported. She very quickly got to know my team and was able to detect personalities and dynamics in a way that helped me think about how to lead them best as a team. My team enjoyed the time with her and felt she was really invested in helping them as well as me.

She’s able to seamlessly move back and forth between the big picture ‘how am I showing up as a leader’ to the tactical and tangible ‘how do I do x, y, z with my team for this specific intervention’. I wish I had been able to set a clearer ‘I want to achieve these two things and measure progress’ but there were some significant unexpected changes in my world during our engagement. Caroline was super responsive and flexible to adapt to what I needed, and she helped me grow as a leader in a new role. The questions she asked me would often pop up in my head throughout the course of my work and helped me navigate many situations. I have valued our time together and would jump at the chance to work with her again."
- SVP, Strategy & Tech Transformation, Pharmaceuticals

“From my very first conversation with Caroline I have felt fully supported by her, and consistently, constructively challenged. I chose to work with Caroline because it was clear from the outset that she would not let me leave any stone unturned. The coaching experience exceeded even my high expectations. I will always be particularly grateful for her tenacity, for her thoughtful challenges, for her belief in me and for her humour. I have felt far more confident in my leadership and in myself ever since…the coaching I received now benefits every area of my life.”
- SVP Pharmaceuticals

“When I first started looking for a coach I wasn’t entirely sure what I was looking for. Caroline’s approach inspired me immediately…providing the right amount of challenge and supporting me to find my own solutions to seemingly intractable problems…working with her always feels like a joint venture. Her approach is non-judgemental, creative and collaborative. Caroline has helped me enormously to clearly understand my own strengths and development needs as a leader.”
- Director of Communications, Professional membership organisation

“Caroline rapidly assimilated complex situations, relationships and drivers. I found Caroline to be perceptive and direct whilst providing a sensitive response to difficult situations and topics. I found the coaching sessions both challenging and energising and I am more empowered as a result. I believe this significantly contributed to an improved position for my role within the executive team”
- Senior Executive, Airline

“(Caroline) is a dedicated professional who … really understood the challenges facing senior women in a challenging environment. Her strengths as a coach are her listening skills, ability to … penetrate to the heart of the issue … her astute capability to appreciate and empathise with my challenges. I have been able to develop a greater self-belief which has helped me to deal constructively with some very significant challenges. I have felt supported and challenged in a positive affirming way.”
- Director People, Performance and Transformation, Local Government

“Caroline was calm, friendly, open, and professional, a woman I felt I could trust. I needed someone who had an understanding of my type of work life and the issues that arise, and she was perfect in this role. Being coached by Caroline is a gentle and yet powerful experience. Sometimes it felt as though - without seeming to say much - she was holding up a very large mirror to me so I could work out for myself the right way forward. Other times, she worked with me to get to the root cause of a problem and then support me to see ways through it. It was always fun, always uplifting. Outside of our meetings Caroline was also incredibly generous with her time, an absolute professional in her work.”
- Director General, Ministry of Defence

"Caroline has helped me unlock answers and strategies acting as an objective sounding board for my ideas. She has encouraged me to play to my strengths and position myself as someone really taking an external view, to be braver and think bigger.
Partner, City of London law firm"

"I would recommend Caroline without a second’s hesitation – particularly to anyone who finds themselves at a major life crossroads. Her ability to offer constructive input without ever sounding remotely patronising was hugely impressive."
- Air Vice Marshal, RAF

Case studies
‘Caroline’s insight is a key strength. This, along with her broad knowledge of coaching and continuous encouragement, has had a significant impact on my effectiveness as a leader.’ Michael Zaiac
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‘It takes an outstanding individual to crack longstanding beliefs and behaviours … Caroline’s determination to succeed and support me through this journey is a gift.’ Head of Digital, Government Department