Individual One to One Business Coaching

Individual Coaching

What challenges are you facing? What’s standing between you and your full potential? At i-coach, we’ll help you work through those barriers and reconnect with a sense of purpose. To us, coaching is a reflective learning conversation; a journey where we challenge, support and empower you to bring about meaningful – and long-lasting – change.

Who is individual coaching for?

Everyone. From chief executives to millennials, we see thousands of individuals every year, and they are as diverse as the challenges they face. Some people want to equip themselves with very practical skills, while others just feel stuck or rudderless. Whatever your reason, it is valid: individual coaching could be the best investment you’ve ever made in yourself.

Individual coaching for your career

One-to-one coaching can be transformative when it comes to re-setting your relationship with the workplace, your career, and your entire ‘identity’ at work. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons people approach us in the first place. We help clients every day who:

  • Lack confidence or feel excluded at work
  • Suffer from “imposter syndrome”
  • Are returning to work after a period of absence and need to refresh and ‘reset’.

Our coaches are also fully equipped to help you deal with changes in circumstances, such as:

  • A new job
  • Promotion
  • A move abroad to further your career prospects.

Individual coaching for personal reasons

Coaching works on all levels and for anyone who is receptive to change. Even if a client comes to us with a very measurable goal in mind, they’ll reap the long-lasting benefits on a personal and emotional level too. You may come to us, amongst other reasons, because:

  • You feel lost or that something is missing
  • You lack a sense of fulfilment or contentment
  • You’ve tried therapy and found it doesn’t quite work – or you’d like a fresh approach
  • You’ve realised the power of prioritising yourself – for your own mental health, and to support others
  • You’re hard on yourself, and you find it difficult to avoid negative thought or behavioural patterns.
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What does individual coaching involve?

Our approach is holistic: we work with you as a person, but we’ll keep in mind your wider context and the system(s) you may be a part of. This includes your financial situation, so we can be sure to tailor our individual programmes to your budget. During an initial conversation, we’ll get to the heart of your challenge and listen carefully to understand what you’re hoping to achieve.

We may suggest a few “chemistry sessions” with coaches who we think might suit you, leaving you to choose the person who has the skillset and attitude to both challenge and support you. Then your coaching journey will begin.

If you’re interested in individual coaching and would like to find out more about the process, please get in touch with us at These conversations are completely non-committal – we’re just here to answer any questions you have.

Alternatively, you could start with our insightful Values Tool, which will help you identify some key areas of importance for you, with the option of getting your own Personalised Value Report.

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“I can feel my confidence has grown and going forward, I have techniques to coach myself with”

Manager at Deloitte

“I know how to get my point across without alienating people, land certain messages in board meetings and am able to be confident whilst still taking others into account”

COO in the NHS

“You can get caught up in one way of approaching things, but now I am more agile and confident with myself, I can be more agile with a client”

Change Consultant