Team & Group Coaching Services

Collaborative, supportive teams are happier and more effective. But it takes more than just an afternoon of team building to create the dynamic in which teams can perform and thrive.

Team and group coaching development provides the support needed for meaningful change. It offers a safe place to reflect, redesign and reset. It equips the team with the insight and resilience needed for long-term success.

Our focus is on the group and relational dynamics flexing between the team, team members and sub-groups. Our analytic and reflective approach creates spaces for conversations that matter and is less dependent on theories or tools helping the internal group to learn about itself.


Our services and approach allow us to support teams at any point in their journey: whether they’re newly established, under new leadership, or have worked together for some time.

Team development and group coaching is a particularly effective way to build trust and high performance, work through conflict and build senior team resilience.

If you are seeking professional team and group coaching services in London and beyond or online, we are here to help.

Caroline Horner giving a speech.

Case study

“Caroline has an ability to take you on a journey where she allows you to face difficult issues in safety and then bring to a conclusion that’s often unseen. When you get there, you get an ‘Eureka’ moment.”

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“Teams are especially appreciative of Caroline’s directness and her incisiveness in helping them pinpoint the elements in their personal/professional lives that they need to focus on.”

Birgitte Davy, Shell

“Our coach didn’t follow a script or give advice - they supported the team, read the room and maneuvered the narrative with smart questions, so that the team could take itself to where it needed to go.”

James Macleod