Our Approach

Our approach

We believe that when a person excels, their organisation does too.

i-coach offers a range of coaching services designed so that the individual, their teams and their organisation can thrive.

We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our clients are as unique as our coaches and there is no single method for effective learning. We work together to identify their needs and then develop and deliver the best coaching solution.

We provide a confidential space for individuals. Our sessions are experiential, self-organised and reflective. Clients have the time and space to spot limiting behavioural patterns and the support to grow. This increased awareness will allow clients to make better choices which will enable individual excellence and their organisational effectiveness.

Our coaches are experienced and insightful. They work in different ways but share a common belief: coaching is a learning process which empowers, facilitates and builds confidence.

Personal motivation, openness to change and commitment are vital. A supportive organisation also increases the likelihood of meaningful and sustainable success.

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