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What’s your organisation’s challenge? What stands between you and your team’s full potential? We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to co-create a solution that will create the change you want to see. Our organisational development and culture building consultancy services seek to create the positive change that you envision.

It can take hard work, there’s often some grit in the oyster, but at i-coach we’ll help you find that hidden pearl.

We begin every project with an open mind and a hunger to learn. We’ll listen, understand and get under the skin of your challenge, often uncovering the complexity and contradictions in the ‘system’.

We’ll then find a coach, skillset, attitude and approach that is ‘fit for purpose’ and ready to bring about change.

Throughout the process, we’ll hold up a mirror, challenge you to be bold and think bigger. You may not like everything we have to say, but your project and your business will have our full commitment and support. And the end results are more than worth the hard work – our clients report a deeper understanding of their organisation, culture and themselves, as well as tangible benefits such as greater efficiency, productivity, development and wellbeing.

We are a London based company that have professional and experienced coaches on hand ready to help. For development and consulting sessions in London and beyond or online, contact us today.

Case studies
“Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust multi-pronged coaching initiative was heralded as ground-breaking within the NHS when it launched because of the extent of its ambition and reach.” MID CHESHIRE HOSPITALS NHS FOUNDATION TRUST
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“The rigour within the assessment centre closely mirrored the process used for the recruitment to our award winning graduate management training schemes.” SUE MORTLOCK, NHS INSTITUTE FOR INNOVATION AND IMPROVEMENT
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“The simple, but structured approach to coaching was enjoyable and really helped me to find the right direction, make the right decisions, and become confident to challenge and communicate effectively.” PARTICIPANT, ALDP COACHING PROGRAMME, BP ANGOLA
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How to select and match coaches for your organisation

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