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Your Catalyst for Change

We’re i-coach. We enable individuals, teams and organisations to learn, evolve and thrive.

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Your catalyst for insight

We help your leaders and teams widen their perspective and realise their potential.

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Your catalyst for reinvention

We’ll support you as you focus on what truly matters and find fulfilment.

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The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Alvin Toffler

Our interactive tools

The i-coach Values Sort tool has been created to help you build a greater understanding of yourself and what really drives you. And our Strengths Tool can help you take a vital step on the path to self development.

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    Our people

    We celebrate difference in both our clients and our coaches. Our team of uniquely skilled practitioners bring their own experience, expertise and knowledge, but every one of us embraces the rigour, responsibility and life-changing possibilities of professional coaching.

    Our approach

    It all starts with you: your challenge, your context, your aspirations. Once we’ve got the full picture, we’ll work hand-in-hand to co-create a solution that will make a lasting difference.


    Business & Executive Coaching Services in London

    We provide life and business coaching and consulting services in London, online and beyond for a complex world, supporting organisations, teams and individuals as they overcome challenges, achieve their potential and find personal fulfilment. We’ll help you learn the lifelong skillset you need to thrive, whatever comes your way.

    We've worked with the best

    Young minds
    Standard bank
    Save children
    News uk
    Royal navy
    Saudi aramco
    Ministry of defence
    Cheshire east partnership
    Air tanker

    “Caroline has an ability to take you on a journey where she allows you to face difficult issues in safety and then bring to a conclusion that’s often unseen. When you get there, you get an ‘Eureka’ moment.”

    Jim Macleod, Ministry of Defence

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    “i-coach really stood out in terms of their approach, as they asked questions and sought to understand our organisation and our objectives, offering an approach that not only tailored programmes to our specific needs, but which actively included and partnered our team.”

    Lisa Gresty, The Cheshire Trust

    Tools for Personal Development

    Whether you’re working with a coach, on an iOpening programme or just seeking resources to support your own efforts, here’s a selection of interactive tools, thought-provoking content and key events to help

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    Values Tool - Understand yourself better

    The i-coach values sort tool has been created to help you build a greater understanding of yourself. It gives you a framework to consider what really drives you – and how this is being lived out in your everyday actions. In under an hour, it will bring you further insight so you can take steps towards a more vibrant and focused future.

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    iOpening empowers individuals, helping you develop the skills and strategies you need to create the life you really want.

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    What we can learn from the leaves that don’t fall

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    5 reasons to try the MELT method

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    Introducing your team

    Our team of coaches will create the perfect programme for you – no two people are the same, and neither are our coaching programmes

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