Achieving Diversity With a Coaching Mindset

‘A rigid mind is very sure but often wrong. A flexible mind is generally unsure, but often right.’

I’m sure that the quote above rings true for many people: when we’re able to demonstrate flexibility in the face of uncertainty, things feel less stressful. In contrast, when we hold a rigid mindset and things haven’t gone to plan (as they definitely won’t in a pandemic) we’re easily shaken, and in some cases, shattered.

The truth is that things have always been uncertain, though the pandemic has certainly amplified this. I encourage you to consider the idea that the anxiety which accompanies uncertainty is a sign that we’re alive and ready to respond. Adopting a coaching mindset is a fantastic way to respond. It aids your personal evolution and that of your organisation. It even supports life outside the 9-5.

At i-coach, we're committed to embodying and demonstrating the benefits of a coaching mindset.

We’re also passionate about doing all we can to help organisations reflect the society in which we live: vibrant, varied and vital. In fact, the two are totally dependent on each other.

Although we’re still very much in deepest winter, a thought for the coming spring: the hedgerow teeming with life. The hedgerow welcomes and supports all kinds of wildlife. It offers shelter and sustenance, promotes pollination and species diversity. It improves the soil, and healthy soil can help to tackle climate change, one of humanity’s most complex problems.

At i-coach we truly believe a coaching mindset can act as the ‘hedgerow’ which supports healthy environments - environments which are teeming with diverse life and energy, where others feel included and safe to learn, contribute and challenge.

On our website, you’ll find the accounts of Rear Admiral Jim Macleod CB and Briony Hughes. They share their own experience of using coaching to shift the dial in their organisations.

Jim’s story: the male ally and the coaching mindset.

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And don’t forget to take a look at some of our events. We have events which suit those who are both new to coaching and being coached as well as enhancing learning opportunities for experienced professionals.