Coaching Essentials for Managers and Leaders

Coaching Essentials is a 10-week blended learning programme

£575+VAT for 10 week programme

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i-coach’s Coaching Essentials is a 10-week blended learning programme that instils the principles of a coaching mind-set and helps you put them into practice. It lays the foundation for effective conversations which enable performance across the organisation and unleash the potential of both individuals and teams.

Who is it for?

Leading a team in a fast-changing world has put new demands on managers and leaders. No longer can we rely on our own knowledge and experience to help others to perform, develop and thrive, instead a coaching mind-set is required. An approach that empowers individuals to learn and builds their capacity to be self-directed performers and learners.

Learning Journey

The programme combines webinars, observed skills practice with practical application, self-study and reflection.

These learnings are split over 11 hours of live webinar, skills practice and shared-learning sessions, and 17 hours of self-study and practice in your work environment.

On successful completion, you will be able to:

  • Embrace a ‘coaching’ mind-set and confidently use foundation coaching skills
  • Have increased awareness of your communication and learning preferences and how they impact others
  • Engage in effective formal and informal coaching conversations
  • Have a better understanding of learning theory
  • Establish practices to further develop and sustain your coaching approach

Student Stories

"The coaching program has really changed the way I think both in my personal and professional life and I incorporate my learning in almost everything I do!

I have enjoyed the course and benefited from it. There have been some real insights and learnt new skills."

“Caroline’s insight is a key strength. This, along with her broad knowledge of coaching and continuous encouragement, has had a significant impact on my effectiveness as a leader.” Michael Zaiac
“It takes an outstanding individual to crack longstanding beliefs and behaviours…Caroline’s determination to succeed, lead and support me through this journey has been a gift.” John Fitzpatrick

Programme Dates

This programme is run as an ‘open programme’ where individuals or organisations can register to send managers or leaders. We also run this programme as a bespoke programme for organisations.


£575+VAT for 10 week programme – limited to 12 participants.

To find out more contact us here.

If you would like to run this programme for an organisation cohort, please get in touch.


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