Why i-coach?

Why i-coach?

  • Our programmes enable participants to develop and enhance an individual coaching framework
  • Our learning methodology is experiential: we encourage participants to discover principles for themselves
  • Our programmes recognise previous education and experience and allow participants to design an individual journey
  • Our programmes are designed and delivered by an internationally experienced faculty with both academic qualifications and practical experience of coaching
  • Our Foundation in Coaching Practice is internationally accredited through the EMCC, the ICF and the AC

Learning environment

We create the right conditions for participants to begin the journey of building a professional coaching practice. In a safe, non-judgemental space, we support participants in the integration of their existing experience and strengths within a unique, reflective coaching framework and model.

This approach will help define their unique contribution to the field of coaching, in theory and application. It also provides participants with a foundation for the continued building of professional practice throughout their career – a process that never ends.

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