Executive Coaching

There are many definitions of coaching however the essence of coaching, in i-coach’s view, is that coaching is fundamentally a reflective learning conversation with a purpose. A conversation that will strengthen your awareness and ability to learn, perform and reach your potential.

Organisations have increasingly seen the benefits of coaching and have adopted the approach as a core technique for managers and leaders, and in addition some have invested to establish pools of accredited internal coaches to further support the development of a learning culture in their organisation. All forms of coaching, from an adhoc coaching style conversation by the water-cooler to a more formal coaching offer alongside a leadership development programme help to build individual and organisation effectiveness. Executive Coaching however has some specific nuances which offer particular benefits to clients.

True leaders a recognise that today’s capabilities may be inadequate for tomorrow’s challenges and that they need to have learning agility, so that they can evolve and grow as their organisation and the environment changes. However senior leaders rarely have time to step back and reflect, let alone work on their own development or resilience. Executive Coaching provides a safe confidential space for leaders to pause, reflect and focus on what matters to them. It is not one-to-one training, consulting or therapy rather it is a space where they have breathing space to reflect, experiment and explore as they work to enhance their effectiveness and that of their team and the organisation. Coaching is a challenging process and there will be times when it is not comfortable however it is your space, a space to work out your way to lead and make choices, not to be directed, instructed or told how to be.


Clients use executive coaches for a range of areas – building confidence and personal impact, enhancing influencing skills, leading organisation change, empowering individuals and teams transitioning to a new role or career, conflict management to name a few. To read a few case studies from previous clients see here.

Shaped by the individual

Each Executive coaching programme at i-coach is tailored to address the individual’s specific needs and is co-created with the individual client. A typical Executive Coaching programme is 9 – 12 months and includes a combination of insight work (psychometrics, qualitative 360 review) and experimentation supported by on-going coaching conversations of 1.5 to 2 hours. The frequency and length of sessions are adjust to ensure the programme is ‘fit for purpose’ and there is not a one size fits all approach.

An Executive coaching programme is frequently funded by the organisation and as such a sponsor may also wish to be included in the programme. There may also be a need to combine individual work with group or team work.

For more information on how to select a coach that will be a ‘good fit’ for you please see here.

If you would like to have a no-commitment introductory conversation to explore how our coaches can support your needs or those of individuals in your organisation at this time email info@i-coach.co.uk

‘As you become more senior, the work of a leader shifts: you are rewarded more for who you are than for what you do. This is where Executive Coaching is particularly powerful. By focusing on you as a person, rather than your skillset, it enables you to get in touch with your authentic ‘self’ and use this to lead, inspire and achieve what you want – for yourself and your organisation.’ Dr Caroline Horner
Success Stories
‘I would recommend Caroline without a second’s hesitation. Her ability to offer constructive input without ever sounding remotely patronising was hugely impressive.’ Air Vice Marshal, RAF
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How to choose the right coach for you

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