Supporting career transition

“I would recommend Caroline without a second’s hesitation – particularly to anyone who finds themselves at a major life crossroads. Her ability to offer constructive input without ever sounding remotely patronising was hugely impressive.”

Bob Judson, Air vice-marshal, FRAES FCMI MOID RAF(RETD)

Making a significant career transition is a journey of discovery and reinvention. It requires a great deal of honest self-reflection and analysis to identify transferable strengths, and areas that may need developing.

After 34 years in the RAF, Air Vice-Marshal Bob Judson enlisted the support of i-Coach Academy coach Caroline Horner. He is now a director of Deloitte’s Risk Advisory practice and shares his experience of working with Caroline.

“I chose to work with Caroline because of her experience coaching senior military officers and her wealth of knowledge about the private sector. From our first telephone conversation, I was confident we would get on well.”

“Throughout my coaching sessions, Caroline’s style of questioning and comment forced me to examine and reflect much more deeply than I would have done independently. Her persuasive style ensured that I didn’t narrow down options too quickly, and equipped me to analyse my career options.”

“Caroline employed a variety of techniques, including some psychometric testing methods and I steadily gained a clear understanding of what is really important to me, where my true strengths lay and how to develop the less robust elements of my character and skill set.”

“The process routinely took me to the edges of my comfort zone and beyond, but it has shaped my thinking considerably and provided me with a range of tools that will be invaluable as I embark on a second career.”

“Caroline also proved herself to be an invaluable sounding board during the selection process. I valued the opportunity to test my thinking and she was always willing to help at short notice and outside of formally scheduled sessions.”