Clarifying career goals for development and progress

“It takes an outstanding individual to crack longstanding beliefs and behaviours…Caroline’s determination to succeed, lead and support me through this journey has been a gift.”

John Fitzpatrick

Understanding your own motivations and analysing what may be blocking progress is critical for senior managers.

John Fitzpatrick was on a talent management programme for senior managers and had identified bespoke coaching as a potential means to better understand and improve his effectiveness and develop his career.

After an initial ‘chemistry meeting’ he decided to work with Caroline as a way of exploring his career goals and how best to achieve them. Caroline initially undertook a series of qualitative research interviews, analysed the feedback and helped John to build a detailed personal development plan.

“Caroline is a consummate professional, exceptionally bright and insightful and probes deep into issues until she’s satisfied she’s found the root cause. She manages the perfect balance between support and challenge, not just with words. Sometimes a knowing look is all it takes to provoke a deeper, more honest response that reaches the crux of the matter.”

“We explored difficulties and progress blockers, and went in depth on personality types I had difficulty with. After this we worked together on alternative approaches which led to game-changing success for me. My confidence grew, I acquired a much clearer direction and felt better equipped to cope with the demands of a more senior post. I successfully secured a promotion to a position which has the scale and complexity to further develop my career.”

“I leave this part of the programme with clear career goals, insight into personal development opportunities and strategies for delivering them. My new-found confidence is delivering tangible results.”