Tools & Resources

Whether working with a coach, on a programme or just seeking resources , here’s a selection of tools, thought-provoking content and events to support you. Organised under four areas, they will help you focus on mind-sets and skills to help you build, re-invent and launch yourself to get the life you want

Reflecting is an important part of development. It’s how we stay focussed, happy and on the right path. These resources and events are designed to support you along the way.

What are your values?
The i-coach values sort tool has been created to help you build a greater understanding of yourself. It gives you a framework to consider what really drives you – and how this is being lived out in your everyday actions. In under an hour, it will bring you further insight so you can take steps towards a more vibrant and focused future.
Design The Life You Want: Time To Get Started!
You will benefit from a supportive, collaborative and encouraging group environment, led by experienced coach, Dr Caroline Horner – in 5 sessions over 6 months with the same group of people.
Design the life you want
Are you living the life you want? So often, we let events and external factors determine the lives we lead. Whether in our careers or our personal lives, we forget that we have the ability to design the life we want. There is no magic to it and it’s never too late to get started. You can successfully design the life you want by understanding the transformation process and developing those skills that will take you to where you want to be.
Echo Chamber
It can feel very validating when an idea or a person aligns with your worldview. The aim of development should be flexibility, not dogma. We should try to expose ourselves to multiple perspectives from a range of sources. A flexible thinker welcomes the challenge, learns more and develops a stronger sense of self.
Recommended reading – Insight & Reflection
Our recommended books and articles are intended to help you learn more about yourself, evolve and thrive.