Tools & Resources

Whether working with a coach, on a programme or just seeking resources , here’s a selection of tools, thought-provoking content and events to support you. Organised under four areas, they will help you focus on mind-sets and skills to help you build, re-invent and launch yourself to get the life you want

Experiment & Play

Play provides a safe environment in which children can learn about the world. But play and experimentation shouldn’t stop when childhood does. These resources are designed to reclaim that long-lost childish wonder and keep your curiosity alive.

Experiment & Play
Experiment & Play - Podcasts & Videos
Storytelling is essential to human existence. It’s how we get a better sense of self, gain new perspectives and develop ideas. These podcasts and videos bring the ideas and experiences of others to life.
Experiment & Play
Recommended reading – Experiment & Play
Our recommended books and articles are intended to help you learn more about yourself, evolve and thrive.