Coaching Training Philosophy

Developing coaching practice


Our learning philosophy

At i-coach academy, we believe that coaching is entirely unique to the individual. So rather than encouraging you to memorise rigid models and behaviours, we support you to construct your own views.

Course facilitators create a safe, non-judgemental space, allowing you to direct your own learning and work collaboratively with others. And because we take an interdisciplinary approach, you’ll be able to explore a huge variety of models, tools and techniques.

Central to our programmes’ design is David Kolb’s learning cycle. Our own experience has taught us that you can’t become an effective coach through theoretical study alone – you must experiment, apply and reflect. You’ll gain essential hands-on experience by taking part in skill practice exercises with a learning trio.

We’ll encourage you to apply your new skills to your work environment, and to critically reflect on your progress at each stage.

Not only does this approach help you define your own contribution to the field of coaching – it gives you a strong foundation on which to build a professional coaching practice and career.

Why i-coach?

  • Embark on an experiential learning journey, applying your learning quickly and effectively to your own unique context
  • Learn from a team of international experts, who bring academic rigour and practical coaching experience to their roles
  • Start your professional career the right way: our Foundation in Coaching Practice is internationally accredited through the EMCC, the ICF and the AC
  • Develop your own rigorous individual coaching framework

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