Design The Life You Want: Time To Get Started!


Whether in our careers or our personal lives, we forget that we have the ability to design the life we want. There is no magic to it and it’s never too late to get started, but we do need ongoing support.

You can successfully design the life you want by understanding the transformation process and developing those skills that will take you to where you want to be. To enhance your chances of success, we’re offering group coaching sessions for small groups of individuals going through transition.

You will benefit from a supportive, collaborative and encouraging group environment, led by experienced coach, Dr Caroline Horner – in 5 sessions over 6 months with the same group of people.

Multiple groups, at different times and days of the week, will be offered as well as weekends.

To join this series of sessions, you will need to join the Design The Life You Want webinar first and dates can be found here.

5 sessions for £375 plus VAT
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