What does change mean for you? Three things we’ve learnt so far.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been asking people about the shifts in their working lives and how they have navigated them. We thought it might make sense to summarise some of the great insights they shared.

  1. Not changing is usually worse than changing. Take the step and move forward
    ‘Very few companies go bust because they take a bad decision. Lots go to the wall because they don’t take decisions and consequently are overtaken.’
  2. Don’t imagine perfection is on the other side of a decision, at least not straightaway.
    'The immediate impact of change is not a nice experience for people, but it usually ends up with everyone in a better place.’
  3. Small changes can be effective as large ones.
    Most of us have little spare capacity, so if you need more time in your life for x, you will usually have to stop doing y. But if you start with ten minutes a day, by the end of the year you will have spent 61 hours on x. That might not be enough, but it’s a start.