Student Stories

Student Stories

"Coaching Essentials is for everyone. Seasoned coaches seeking a refresher, for people totally new to coaching, leaders, team members, even parents. You leave with skills that equip you for that enable better conversations which lead to better outcomes in every aspect of your life."

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"I’ve done quite a lot of leadership courses but nothing specifically focussed on coaching in this way as a particular skillset. I think that’s the best way to view it, as a skillset and practice. Once you acquire tools and techniques, you really bolster what you can bring to an organisation."

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"It is an eye opening experience. It really makes you think about how you use language and the ways in which it can unlock and support thinking."

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“Very effective course - to the point! Good mix of theory and opportunity to practice, very useful feedback given, great team!”

Hans Juergen

“The course was superb, great mix of relevant theory and practical application, with a great team of experienced facilitators that made it challenging and fun. I learned a lot about myself and how I interact with others. I wish I could have done this course a decade or two ago. Highly recommended.”


“The Coaching Essentials programme has given me a lot of food for thought, tools and practice opportunities to build my skills. I honestly feel this comes at a very opportune moment to shape my development as a manager and a leader.”


“The coaching program has really changed the way I think both in my personal and professional life and I incorporate my learning in almost everything I do!”

“I have enjoyed the course and benefited from it. There have been some real insights and new skills learnt.”