Enhancing leadership effectiveness and presence

“Caroline’s insight is a key strength. This, along with her broad knowledge of coaching and continuous encouragement, has had a significant impact on my effectiveness as a leader.”

Michael Zaiac

Leadership is a constantly-moving challenge. The more senior you become, the harder it is to get the feedback and the reflective space that enable you to grow as a leader.

Executive Coaching can be invaluable for senior people who need to take a breath, explore their approach from another perspective, and find some time and space to learn, re-energise and build resilience.

Michael Zaiac shares the benefits he gained from working with i-Coach coach, Caroline Horner.

“In 2014, to support my own development, I was given the opportunity to participate in executive coaching. Out of approximately ten CVs, from a wide variety of coaches, I selected three for interview. What attracted me to Caroline was her ability to quickly grasp what I perceived to be my needs. I also appreciated her no-nonsense approach and her honest and straightforward behaviour.”

“After her appointment, we worked together to identify possible development areas. To support this, Caroline interviewed a number of colleagues that I identified, with the aim of building a 360-degree view of my leadership.”

“From this we prioritised the core issues and we agreed approaches to address them. One strategy, for example, was to incorporate specialist voice-coaching.”

“Working with Caroline helped me to look at myself more objectively and to pinpoint areas for improvement, such as my public speaking skills, my projection and presence as a leader.”

“Our work has had a really positive impact all round. My enhanced leadership presence and confidence means I’m working more successfully with key stakeholders and teams and this has improved outputs, both for the organisation and for myself.”