Penny Jones

Prior to establishing her independent coaching practice, Penny had 20 years leadership experience working in the Local Authority and the NHS, most recently as a Primary Care Trust (PCT) Chief Executive where she was responsible for a budget of £200 million. At this time she delivered challenging performance and financial targets whilst working with complex, strategic organisation change. In addition Penny led the turnaround of a PCT with a deficit of £23 million whilst an interim Chief Executive.

Penny’s clients coaching aims have included: Leadership development, Enhancing personal and organisational performance; Leading organisational change and exploring career transitions. Penny’s clients report increased self awareness, confidence and performance.

Penny provides executive coaching to senior leaders across the public and private sectors. She believes that by establishing a relationship of trust and respect she can support clients who are in complex situations to work with the uncertainty and ambiguity they experience, to make their best decisions and develop the confidence and responsibility for delivering their plans. Penny is interested in supporting leaders to be more aware of what really matters to them and to lead in a way that is congruent. At the centre of her work is helping people in their relations with others and developing a clearer understanding of the context in which they work. Penny has a special interest in working with senior leaders experiencing significant career and/or life stage transitions. Implicit to her approach is increasing the client’s capacity for reflecting on and learning from their experiences.

Penny’s coaching clients cover the private, public and not-for-profit sectors for example, NHS Area Teams, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Foundation Trusts; North Yorkshire, Warrington and Doncaster Councils; BDO UK; Aston and York Universities and a number of independent clinical practitioners, consultants and senior charitable organisational leaders.

Penny holds an Advanced Coaching Diploma from the Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring (2003) and has a Masters in Professional Coaching with i-coach academy (2007) which is accredited by the EMCC. As part of this qualification, she completed research which explored the role and value of coaching for senior leaders experiencing significant career transitions. Penny is an accredited MBTI practitioner and receives regular supervision.


“I wanted to arrive at the Board table as an equal, with credibility. Penny helped ‘fast-track’ my thought processes and supported me to arrive at the next level. I felt I achieved my goal and was impressed by her direct but supportive approach and her insight to situations.”

“Individual coaching was offered over a 6 month period to Directors …..all have gained in confidence and assertiveness and cited Penny’s coaching style as being particularly accessible and sensitive but challenging.”

“Working with Penny has helped me to challenge my pre-conceptions, to develop a more open and accessible leadership style and to ultimately change my whole approach to my job and my future. I now know what I stand for, I have confidence in my ability and I am learning to relax into my role.”