Nikki Streatfield

Nikki is an European Mentoring and Coaching Counsel EQA Master Practitioner accredited coach as well as learning and development specialist. She supports individuals and small teams to enhance mental wellbeing; build resilience and to achieve stretching goals, both personally and professionally.

Nikki holds the view that coaching is a self-directed journey of reflection, learning, development and change. As coach she partners with you on this journey by helping you to identify meaningful goals and by creating a space for you to reflect and strategize effectively. She also supports you as you implement the change or development required to achieve your desired outcomes. Her coaching framework supports you not only to achieve your coaching goals, but also to internalise lasting insight and skills with which to develop others. Her coaching approach is informed by a variety of techniques and theories in particular positive psychology, neuro linguistic programming, polyvagal theory and narrative therapy. As a coach, colleagues and clients describe Nikki as being highly perceptive, analytical, incisive and supportive. Her coaching style is also strongly underpinned by her inherent pragmatism, enthusiasm and good sense of humour.

Her career began in trauma counselling, moving to psychometrics and organisational psychology, before finding her passion for coaching. Nikki has worked with clients across the globe including South Africa, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Kazakhstan and Singapore and from companies such as NHS, Prudential, Bain & Co, London Business School, University of Oxford, Ministry of Defence (UK) and Mercedes-Benz.

Nikki has post graduate qualifications in psychology and coaching. She completed her Masters degree in Coaching Psychology from Middlesex University through i-coach academy. Nikki adheres to the EMCC’s code of ethics. She participates in various CDP events and has regular supervision for her coaching practice. Nikki has also contributed to the development of fellow coaches as a trainer, assessor and mentor, since 2013.


“The team sessions with Nikki helped us move along at twice the speed and clarity compared to what we had before. It has left a lasting positive impact on both productivity and team relationships.”

CEO & Founder, Studio L’Echelon

“Nikki has supported me to develop the mental and emotional resilience required to succeed in the solopreneur game. She is very insightful and supportive.”

Startup Owner, Luxury Goods Sector

“With international and intercultural experience Nikki is an excellent coach for those, like me, who are settling into a new cultural and work environment. Her solution-oriented approach was very useful and her sense of humour is an added bonus when one looks for the light at the end of a tunnel. Her coaching helped me focus on my strengths and how to develop goals that fit with my new story- rather than remain mentally in the past. She is a true professional.”

German Academic

“Nikki is incisive and could quickly grasp the issues I was struggling with, and reframe in a way that shifted my thinking. She challenged me to move from abstract ideas into tangible outcomes. She has a reassuring and calm style, which supported and encouraged me as I moved forward with my goals.”

Principal of Pre-Primary School

“Although I wasn’t sure what to expect from coaching, I was amazed at the difference that Nikki’s coaching made in my career – it opened my mind up to new possibilities. Her non-judgmental, professional and skilled outlook into every step of my journey has made coaching an exceptionally rewarding experience.”

Sales Manager, Mercedes-Benz

“Through coaching, Nikki helped me recognise my strengths and resources, enabling me with the confidence to pursue a new career direction.”

Business Owner, Tourism Industry