Mike Mullins

Mike is a creative executive coach who creates space and thinking time for leaders under pressure, to become more purposeful, strategic, impactful and resilient. He takes a strengths-based approach to learning, helping clients learn from their successes and what they do best. Mike has over twenty years’ organisational development consulting experience working with emerging, middle and senior executives in professional services firms (Kearney, PA Consulting, Mercer, PwC, KPMG, EY and Arup, Baker McKenzie) and financial services (Barclays, HSBC, Aspen) as well as the NHS.

He works with his coaching clients in five areas key to help them find success and personal fulfillment in a fast-paced pressurised world. These areas are leadership - shifting from being transactional in style to leading through strength of relationship, trust, vision and strategy, whilst releasing the best in others. In impact, presence and influence - discovering purpose, personal power and voice to make a real difference and bring key others with them. Working with career transitions – helping at career and life crossroads explore who clients are at their best and plan for the next ideal role whether a promotion, or a lateral shift. Another area is in personal resilience – learning to deal with the pressures of leadership and manage energy, resilience and sense of purpose to thrive as a leader. Mike also works with business development – exploring how best to build professional and personal trust with clients and prospects to build strong healthy diverse networks and a sustainable pipeline of opportunities.

Clients describe Mike as having a warm, genuine and supportive nature that allows them to relax and trust. He is naturally empathetic but balances that with challenge, insight and an intellectual rigour and business focus. Mike is good at holding the mirror up in a non-judgmental way and taking a creative approach to coaching based on sound psychological principles.

As a result of working with Mike, clients have reported a deeper awareness, ease and confidence in who they are and their unique strengths as leaders. Greater ability to express their leadership with a compelling energy, vision and strategy. More courage to delegate, hold others to account and be more strategic and creative. Stronger, more honest, peer to peer relationships as well as increased resilience and positivity.

Mike is an EMCC EQA senior practitioner with the i coach Academy and University of Middlesex. He has an MSc in Business Psychology, a foundation certificate in counselling and has been trained in Gestalt coaching. In his spare time Mike coaches leaders of charities and social enterprises and indulges his “inner Rodin” as an amateur sculptor.


“Mike will not only restore your faith but will make you feel positive, empowered and ready to take on the world… he is astute and has real depth… an ability to provoke and stimulate your thinking … ask the hard questions – in a warm, collaborative style – which, for me, was incredibly effective”

Manager, KPMG

“Anyone who has been coached by Mike individually or in a team recognises what a special gift he has. He quickly understands us below the surface level and has a unique and engaging way of helping us address the core issue”

Director, PwC

“Coming up with the killer question that gets to heart of an issue - brilliant”

Senior Manager, PwC

“Fun, challenging and very insightful”

Senior Manager, PWC