Lorraine Kay

Lorraine has extensive experience of global leadership and executive coaching within the media, financial services and public sectors. She coaches individuals at all stages in their leadership career and key areas of focus include increased personal impact; developing leadership capability; navigating transition; sustained behavioural change; career planning and development; increasing team effectiveness.

Lorraine has an energetic and inspiring personal style which challenges and supports her clients to articulate and maintain focus on what will really make the difference for them. She provides a confidential space for them to think deeply and explore their issue or goal, identifying the actions that will support them to achieve sustained change and/or performance.

As well as coaching individuals, Lorraine is also a team coach who works with teams looking to explore how their collective dynamic can support improved team working and increased business performance. She supports the team to raise their understanding of how they are each experienced by their colleagues as well as identifying their collective strengths and weak spots, exploring what this means for developing more effective working relationships and in some cases, resolving conflict. Leaders have a unique role in this process and Lorraine works with them to develop leadership capability and behaviours that will support them to become the leader they aspire to be.

Lorraine incorporates a range of models and psychometric tools in her Executive and team coaching, including Insights Discovery. She is an accredited Senior Coach Practitioner with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and is also a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

“Lorraine is proficient in drawing out the deeper elements of the subject matter, encouraging me to constantly reflect and consider”

“You created an atmosphere that made me feel safe to explore ideas without fear of being judged”

“Our sessions are thought provoking and reflective….provide a platform to think inwardly”

“Somehow you encouraged me to open up and start asking the questions myself….self coach”

“You play back to me what you hear in my stream of consciousness, picking out key things I’ve said that I hadn’t realised were important to me.”