Katie Clinton

Katie’s work with people across a range of organisations led to appreciation of the need for an open, non-judgemental space for clients to be listened to and challenged to discover new insight. She believes coaching provides a great platform to offer space to explore individuals’ most pressing needs as well as the areas that may have remained un-developed in daily life.

With an empathetic, relaxed, and supportive style; Katie encourages clients to feel at ease and understood to explore the areas they wish to work on to a depth that will enable them to really shift. She creates an environment in which leaders feel comfortable to openly reflect and be challenged to access the answers and resources within themselves. Katie supports clients to work towards solutions that are best for them in a way that is congruent with their values, beliefs, and current environment.

Katie has a calm and inquisitive approach and encourages people to ask questions that they may not have previously considered. Her approach is solutions focused; she finds harnessing positive emotions and previous success with a focus on the desired outcome can help to unlock progress and support clients to address difficult issues such toxic relationships and challenging team dynamics. She has worked extensively with a range of people from apprentices to strategic leaders in organisations ranging across sectors including BP, Google, the Judiciary, Mars, Mubadala, Novartis, Facebook, and VISA.

Having worked as both an internal and external consultant and coach, Katie is fascinated by culture within organisations, and provides insights to understand the current picture, exploring the impact on performance and identifying areas to build and adjust.

Katie has an MSc in Occupational Psychology, is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. She has accreditations for a range of psychometric tools includivng Hogan HPI & HDS and Wave. Katie has completed an EMCC Accredited Coaching Certificate, NTL Certificate in Organisation Development, Appreciative Inquiry, Future Search, Certificate in Conscious Business Coaching and has regular supervision on her practice.

“I’ve gained insight into why things happen in the workplace and what I can do about them. There was real value in getting thoughts together and able to be honest about them which helped me to come to the right conclusions myself.”

“I had the space to say out loud how I feel without fear of judgement and it helped me to identify a particular mindset shift I need to operate so I can learn to co-create.”

“Katie frequently acts as the catalyst for epiphanies and forcing me to understand my behaviour better. Katie is an incredible listener and knows exactly what questions to ask and where to support me to understand the intricacies of my personality and behaviour.”