Janet Davis

Janet is an engaging, energetic and hugely experienced speaker, trainer, facilitator and business coach. For the past 21 years, she has worked with many of the world’s best known global companies, specialising in helping leaders of complex international, cross-functional, cross-cultural and “matrixed” teams.

Since such teams have always needed to incorporate remote and virtual ways of working together, Janet has not only travelled the world to train thousands of senior and middle managers over the years, but also had to become an early expert in using virtual tools such as webinars and eLearning. She’s been designing and facilitating engaging and lively virtual remote training, corporate events, meetings and coaching for many years now, and is delighted to see that so many people are adapting to current travel restrictions by trialling new ways of doing things. Enriching as it is to travel the world, or to spend time face-to-face with people…sometimes it’s also oh-so-nice to stay home.

Janet now also uses her expertise in virtual programmes to train other “newly virtual” trainers and team leaders, as well as to help companies, individuals and teams to transition their successful face-to-face workshops, courses, meetings and coaching sessions into equally engaging and successful “blended” and online delivery.

She’s also a bit of a poster-girl for changing careers…hence her support of, and strong identification with, the iOpening programme. Having started off as a qualified accountant, she moved into factory management, H.R. and organisational development, then spent six years as a ski instructor and coach, before moving into global leadership training. (Oh, and meantime she has a parallel career as a keen swing dancer, international competitor and teacher). What was that about “old dogs and new tricks”?

So if you meet Janet on one of your i-coach on-line workshops, do say a loud and friendly “virtual hello”, and let her know how it’s going!