Eva Kovacs

Eva is an executive and team coach, a coaching and OD supervisor and a coach trainer. She partners individuals and groups who want to bring more consciousness and choice into their lives in the interests of sustainable high performance. Her niche is to help clients to find their authentic leadership voice and to live a resilient and fulfilled life.

As a supervisor, Eva believes supervision offers a pause to look at your professional practice through multiple lenses to create better results for your clients. She supports experienced and new coaches, OD and HR professionals to grow their presence, increase their confidence and trust their creativity. She builds a strong reflective space with her supervisees based on solid relational presence to enable and deepen their reflective practice and their growth.

As a coach, she draws on her deep theoretical and practical understanding of leadership, human behaviour, change, and team dynamics to invite her clients to generate insights about what is and what they want going forward, leading to a new way of thinking and behaving. She builds strong relationships with her clients based on openness, trust, and confidentiality. The latest research informs her approach to human development and growth.

Eva believes we all have an innate capacity to renew and show up as our best self in any given moment. Her warm presence, deep listening and willingness to compassionately challenge, helps clients move from fear to love. Her relational and somatic approach helps unpack the behaviours, mindsets and beliefs that drive clients, alongside the broader organisational context. Eva holds space for leaders to just be. This stillness offers insight, shifts in perspective and intuitive decision making. With renewed clarity and creativity, leaders return to work more informed, mindful and themselves – enhancing leadership, performance and collectiveness.

Eva is committed to living a soulful and connected life, and she brings this quality to her work. Clients feel safe, seen and respected as their true self; encouraging them to be the best professional, colleague, parent, partner possible.

Eva has over 25 years’ international business experience, a solid understanding of complex organisational systems, and experience leading an extremely sophisticated corporate coaching practice at a FTSE100 firm.

Eva has an MSc in Executive/Team Coaching from Ashridge, an MA in Humanities and a Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational and Coaching Supervision. She is also an Ashridge and ICF accredited executive coach and an Ashridge accredited OD and Coaching Supervisor. Eva is a certified user of various psychometric tools including the Hogan Suite, NEO and Emotional Intelligence Profile.

She is married with three daughters and in her free time is a keen reader, skier and cyclist.