Briony Lawton

Briony focuses on creating and holding spaces (in and out of nature) for busy leaders, individuals and organisations to discover who they are, where they are going and what really matters. She integrates restorative practices including; derive (outdoor) coaching, yoga nidra, poetry, somatic coaching and listening to enable purposeful leadership and living in her coaching and training.

Her key focus is on challenging busy organisations and people to slow down and pause to self-discover and explore strategies for resilience and success. Briony combines her understanding of business with her knowledge and experiences of organisational dynamics in coaching and organisation development to work with individuals, teams and organisations as they seek to develop their internal resources as leaders and individuals to resource themselves, adapt and develop resilience in changing and fast paced environments – her aim is to develop organisation culture of care, wellbeing and success through leadership, individual ownership and team coherence.

As a coach, Briony works with leaders, Executive and senior teams across the public, private and not for profit sectors. Her clients include multinationals, funded and public service organisations such as NHSBT, Manchester International Festival, UBS. She also often works with individual entrepreneurs and small creative businesses.

As one of Briony’s coaching clients you will restore, explore, learn and develop. You’ll be asked to explore perceptions and interpretations of the outer and inner world, to experiment with new behaviours and explore the present and future in creative ways. The experience is sometimes challenging, sometimes surprising but always restorative. Her approach works well for those that are curious about themselves, open to new experiences and motivated to develop through additional independent inner work for wellbeing, success and resilience.

Her previous 20+ year corporate career was in Human Resources and Organisation Development mainly in the media industry from commercial radio, BBC and TI Media publishing, where she was HR Director. She has a deep knowledge and experience in Organisation Development interventions having trained with NTL in 2017 and led transformations in businesses through HR leadership and design/delivery/facilitation of OD interventions (which included Theory U interventions) to enable transition.

Briony is an Accredited ICF Coach in addition to a qualified Insights Discovery practitioner, working with individuals and groups (in and out of Nature) to support personal and professional discovery for performance and wellbeing. In the last two years Briony has expanded and deepened her knowledge and application of human/people interventions through experiential and qualifying programmes in Theory U for Coaches, Focusing practice, Human Systems Dynamics, Somatic Coaching, Yoga Nidra and the Thinking Environment.

“I am loving working with Briony because she has a way of explaining that just makes sense. She knows how to speak plain English in such a way that motivates me to do things I can't explain, but feel! Getting to know and understand who I really am, helping me focus and establishing long term values and goals has been incredibly insightful, and Briony's methods made it interesting, exciting and fun. I also love our face to face sessions … she has such a great energy about her!”

“Briony is an excellent thinking partner who uses her wisdom and excellent listening skills, to generate creative practical and impactful interventions, whether it is insightful individual coaching, leading the design and delivery of our senior leadership conferences”