Anne Archer

Anne is described by clients as someone who demonstrates ruthless compassion for the whole person; private and professional. Always considered as a trusted advocate she works tirelessly to find strengths and blocks to enable exceptional performance in individuals and teams.

She offers challenge and encourages different perspectives, whilst acknowledging sometimes difficult and awkward situations. Anne focuses on Leadership and Management development within complex cross border organisations; increasing the impact and influence on Boards and within senior teams; building lasting relationships through exceptional conversations; increasing physical and psychological wellbeing for optimal performance.

Over the past 15 years Anne has worked across various sectors, clients include PwC, Deloitte, VWG, Disney, Bankers Trust, Bank of England, Barclaycard and SME’s. Her clients have a track record of great results and high aspirations, these have included; the transition from client account manager to a country Board member. Progression from service line leader to country managing partner for an ambitious leader. Generating transformational conversations that sustained trust among a board throughout a large scale change, executed in the public eye, with public scrutiny. Supporting leaders through challenges to their resilience resulting in a sustainable lifestyle shift for optimal performance. Showcased and co-created integrated wellbeing model at Resilience Conference in Central London.

Anne has a MSc Psychology of Wellbeing from De Montfort University and is ICF PCC accredited. She has completed an Advanced Diploma in Executive Coaching (AoEC), is an Accredited Resilience Coach (Resilience Engine) and Thinking Partner (Nancy Kline – Time to Think). Anne is a Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach (We Institute) and holds Level A & B for psychometric assessment, as well as Hogan accredited. She has a Certificate in Neuroscience for Coaching as well as a Certificate in Supervision for Coaches and Consultants.

Anne previously held international management roles in banking and finance followed by consulting roles with the financial sector and professional services. Since 2007 she has been providing consulting and coaching to varied clientele internationally. She is a facilitator and speaker who coaches teams and individuals working at Board/Executive/Senior and aspiring leader level. She contributes to the coaching profession as an assessor, supervisor and WBECS IM facilitator. Her work is underpinned by evidence from psychology, biology and neuroscience. Already an author, Anne is currently co-creating a practical guide for coaches and professionals working with recovery, health and wellness.

“My personal view is that Anne’s key strengths are to ask powerful questions; to pick up signals of words unsaid, but crucial for deeper understanding; acting in the moment. There also seems to be a natural flow of conversation and energy I think she’s an outstanding coach especially for executive leadership roles…”

SH Board Member, Professional Services Firm