Learning Journey

What’s involved?

The programme begins with either a one day workshop or a three day retreat followed up by individual one-to-one and small group coaching. Our aim is to accelerate the learning process, helping you create changes that could take months or even years of conventional coaching.

We’ll help you notice what is important to you at this stage of your life, where you get your energy from and to discover your sense of purpose. We’ll also support you to learn from and – where relevant – let go of unhelpful patterns from your past and sow the seeds for a more fulfilling future.

The programme encompasses four phases

1 Reflect

Identify what is important, get in touch with your values, enhance self understanding

4 Plan

Build strategies to get you closer to the life you dream about and make sure you’re ready for the next transition.

2 Release

Drop patterns and beliefs that are limiting or no longer relevant, build confidence, reduce anxiety and/or fear.

3 Visualise

Clarify which aspects of life needs to change – from work to relationships, health to hobbies.

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