Values Tool - Understand yourself better

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Explore your values. Values are an essential part of living a full and meaningful life. They motivate you to live, work and perform in the way you really want. But to live your values, you first need to clarify what they are.

The i-coach values sort tool has been created to help you build a greater understanding of yourself. It gives you a framework to consider what really drives you – and how this is being lived out in your everyday actions. In under an hour, it will bring you further insight so you can take steps towards a more vibrant and focused future.

Due to high levels of interactivity in our tool, it works best on a desktop or tablet where screen size is larger than smart

Values report (with one hour follow on coaching)

£75.00 + VAT

Time required 90 minutes

Values report (with one hour follow on coaching)

£75.00 + VAT

Values Report

£0.00 + VAT

Once you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll receive an email with a link to gain access to the tool. Please note that it is highly interactive and it's essential to use it on desktop or tablet. It's not designed for smart phone access.

After finishing, we’ll send you a personalised values report for you to reflect on and refer back to as you create change in your life.

If you’re a student, young person under 25 or unemployed, please email. We’d like to help you access this tool.

If you’re a coach or professional who would like to use this tool in your practice, please email for more information about multiple usage discounts.