Team & Group Coaching

When a person excels, their organisation does too, but it’s important to remember that people don’t work in isolation. Organisations succeed when their teams function well.

i-coach provides team and group coaching to help organisations get the best from their people.

Team coaching improves the effectiveness of teams. It consolidates practices and improves collaboration improving the chances of achieve their goals.

Team coaching is particularly useful when

  • A new team is formed
  • A new team leader is introduced
  • The effectiveness of the team meets an impasse
  • Organisational change is being introduced
  • Team conflict arises


How team coaching works

We start with a discovery phase. This consists of individual interviews and observation of the existing team dynamic.

This gives our coaches a full understanding of the context. It helps to identify priorities and clarify the objectives of the intervention.

Design and Delivery
We then design and deliver the team coaching intervention.

Although each team coaching intervention is unique, a typical approach would address:

  • Developing a framework for effective teams
  • Recognising the individual talents within a team
  • Defining the team’s identity and purpose
  • Establishing the team environment and objectives
  • Developing how the team works together

The next stage involves reviews and follow-up conversations designed to embed learnings into the fabric of the team.

Team leaders are involved in further coaching conversations to improve their effectiveness.

Executive Coaching to Support Team Coaching

We recommend executive coaching for leaders to support the team development work.

For more information on team coaching and how i-coach can help to enhance the team dynamics within your organisation, please contact us.