Organisation Development

We believe that when a person excels, their organisation does too.
i-coach offers a range of coaching services so that the individual, their teams and their organisation can thrive.

Our coaching support develops an enabling environment, one in which everyone understands the organisation’s objective. We help organisations to find the right employees. We also help to nurture skills, behaviours and attitudes. i-coach also works with organisations to develop structures, systems and policies.

Our coaches are carefully matched to individuals and teams

Coaching consulting

We offer coaching consulting to explore the use of coaching as a method for learning and change. This supports a variety of interventions which impact on organisational and individual performance.

Executive and one-to-one coaching

We provide one-on-one executive coaching for a variety of purposes.

Team & Group coaching

We provide team and group coaching to help nurture and improve team dynamics.

Coaching forums

Coaching Forums allow us to supervise professional coaches working against a bespoke coaching framework. This approach ensures standards of coaching remain high and organisations are kept up-to-date..

Developing a coaching culture

We design and deliver coaching programmes to build the coaching capacity of managers and leaders. This helps to empower the workforce and ensure performance and continued development.

Development of policies and procedures

We help organisations to establish policies and procedures around the use and measurement of coaching.

Coaching research

We run research projects to support the development of frameworks and coaching methods.

Coach supervision

We provide supervision of coaches in organisations (both one-on-one and group supervision).

Coaching talent

Our pool of coaches and facilitators enables our clients to find the right coaches to facilitate their development programmes and other interventions.

For more information on organisation development and how i-coach can design and deliver coaching programmes for you, please contact us.