Executive Coaching

We believe that when a person excels, their organisation does too.

Executive Coaching can help leaders and key talent grow and build on their strengths. It also helps leaders recognise and address their weaknesses.

What can executive coaching be used for?

Executive coaching has many benefits.

Coaching for performance helps an individual to improve their performance in their current role.

This type of coaching is often given by the line manager as they work closely and can provide timely feedback.

External coaching might be more effective in instances where the seniority of the individual is a factor.

Coaching for development focuses on the development of an individual as they prepare for a new role or responsibility. This kind of coaching is best delivered by an external coach who will not have any conflict of interest, unlike line managers.

Coaching for the executive agenda offers support senior level individuals. This type of coaching is best delivered by external coaches.

One-to-one executive coaching

Our one-to-one executive coaching sessions identify and progress an individual’s effectiveness. It also looks at them as a member of the teams they are a part of.

Our executive coaching sessions provide a safe and confidential space for individuals. They are able to explore new ideas and address personal challenges. They have time to reflect in a non-competitive and non-judgemental environment.

Objectives may include:

  • Increasing awareness of their existing management style
  • Overcoming challenges in their existing mindset or behaviours
  • Developing new management behaviours in line with organisational culture
  • Understanding personal preferences and the likely impact on their ability to inspire, motivate, and empower others
  • Understanding and developing their ability to influence other stakeholder groups
  • Enhancing their individual resilience and building confidence
  • Improving their overall effectiveness within the organisation

How our coaches work with you

We take an individual approach to coaching.

Our approach to each coaching session will vary, so too will the number and frequency of sessions. Usually there are six, two-hour sessions over six months however this does vary according to your objectives.

For more information on executive coaching, and to find out how i-coach can develop a programme that’s right for you, please contact us.