Gain fresh perspective with iOpener

Are you seeking change in your life? Perhaps you want renewed impetus and direction? Or maybe you’re looking for more meaning – a chance to rediscover your true purpose and passion?

As we live for longer, we’re facing more possibilities than ever before. These days we can have multiple careers, learn new skills and take life in all kinds of exciting directions. But many of us feel trapped and frustrated. We know we want to make a change, yet we’ve never learned how to manage significant life or career transitions.

iOpener is a transformative personal development programme from i-coach that will guide and support you as you step back, reflect on what matters to you and map out a more meaningful future.

It then equips you with essential life skills that enable you to continually evolve and embrace change, whatever form it takes.

Are you thinking...

I know I have potential to do more but how do I realise it?
I feel my life is at a crossroads - and don’t know which way to turn
I know I want to take action, but I find it hard to let go of all I’ve invested in
I often feel stuck – how can I create real change in my life?
If only my passion could be what I do all the time
There’s a lack of joy and intimacy in my life
I’d like more meaning in my life, work and relationships; I’m just going through the motions

Is iOpener for me?

Sometimes life can feel like a whirlwind of duties, deadlines, chores and commitments. There’s not much time to stop and think. And, when you do, you may be left feeling empty, stuck or rudderless.

For many, there comes a crunch point. It might be a 'Who am I?' crisis or a sense that the ladder you’ve been climbing has been up against the wrong wall. iOpener frees you to look at your life anew.

What will I get from iOpener?

Everyone’s different, so the outcomes vary hugely from person to person. Here are just some of the ways you could benefit:

Find the time and space to stop, reflect and prioritise yourself as you prepare to make changes
Gain greater clarity on what feels important and make appropriate choices
Tap new sources of energy and confidence to take action
Learn valuable skills to enable self-renewal and manage transition
Develop a plan with clear, actionable steps
Make friends to support you on your way and to help you access new networks

You’ll finish the programme with an increased sense of clarity and purpose. And you’ll also be equipped with key skills to draw on as you enter the next chapter in your life – and the others that will follow.

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"I was not sure I could afford the luxury of thinking about my future, the present was looking pretty demanding. You were really good at helping me see the issues and thinking about how I’ll make up my mind."
CEO of a charity who chose to pursue a totally new career direction
"An excellent programme that enabled me to plan and take meaningful steps towards my ideal future. Through participating, I was able to recognise and acknowledge the necessary transitional phase I was going through and have the space to identify what is important and meaningful to me."
Former employee who set up own business
“I would recommend Caroline without hesitation – particularly to anyone who finds themselves at a major life crossroads. Her ability to offer constructive input without ever sounding remotely patronising was hugely impressive.”
Air Vice-Marshal, Bob Judson FRAeS FCMI MIoD