Lucia Adams

Lucia believes passionately in the role coaching plays in helping people bring about shifts in their lives. She is no stranger to navigating significant transitions, having made a number of big career pivots over her 20-year career. This first-hand experience in professional transitions means she deeply understands the challenges inherent in those moments - as well as the opportunities they afford in realising greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. She believes that ‘squiggly careers’ can enable people to develop a rich hybrid of skills and thrive in the fast-evolving world of work.

Her clients tell her that she helps them challenge old assumptions and go where they might not want to go on their own. She takes a ‘whole person’ approach and works with people to help them become more aware of their “way of experiencing” situations in order to enable profound, positive learning. Lucia uses an eclectic range of tools and works in partnership with people to explore situations with fresh eyes. She works best with people who want to bring about enduring change and reach their full potential. Lucia has worked with people in a variety of professional functions both in corporate environments as well as entrepreneurs and managers in smaller companies; her clients range from senior leaders and individuals growing their own business, to women preparing for and returning from maternity leave and people re-evaluating the direction they want to take with their lives and career.

Lucia’s clients describe her as energetic and empathetic, good at tuning into where they are and helping them think systemically in order to look at things from multiple perspectives; that she brings an edge which can bring about catalytic change. She focuses on what’s important to her clients while being mindful of bigger themes which might emerge; playing those back in a way that allows people to look more closely at their assumptions. Her coaching provides a non-judgemental, confidential environment.

Through her coaching and consultancy practice, Lucia works with organisations and leaders to dramatically increase the impact of their business by transforming how teams work.

By taking a human-centred approach to change - often in the context of digital disruption - she helps individuals and companies bring about lasting change. She has been running her own business for four years; before that she held senior positions at The Times leading some major innovation projects, including the launch of The Times subscription model which led to The Times making a profit for the first time in 13 years. Her clients span the media, digital, insurance and charity sectors as well as B2B innovation agencies; she also teaches business transformation on a digital masters programme and mentors startups..

Lucia has completed both the Foundation in Coaching Practice (EQA Practitioner) and Certificate in Coaching Practice (EQA Senior Practitioner) programmes via i-coach academy and is an accredited practitioner via the Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). She is also an accredited Agile Change Management practitioner. Confidentiality and respecting the boundaries of coaching is core to her coaching. She practices in accordance with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and Association for Coaching Code of Ethics and Good Practice

“Lucia is a naturally empathetic, kind person - she has a professional knack of being able to draw out important issues and themes that are often at the core of work problems. What has been really useful is her 'bigger picture' perspective with a more holistic view of the situation which has allowed me to feel that both work and life problems are conquerable.” Company director, global media brand