Dr Sally Bonneywell

Sally works extensively with senior executives in both an individual and team coach capacity.

She specialises in working at very senior levels in large organisations up to board level and is highly experienced at understanding the business context in which executives have to perform. She is a highly trusted team coach and works with teams to activate peak performance and excellent execution in fast changing organisational settings, often in highly regulated circumstances.

Her clients comment that she is “challenging and caring” and that they appreciate her expertise in supporting them to come to new insights about themselves, their teams and organisational issues they are grappling with. ‘She challenged me to become the best version of me.’ Sally brings deep organisational knowledge which enables clients to reach pragmatic solutions, along with personal discovery in an energising coaching environment.

Sally is sought after to work with teams where improvements in team working and performance need to be made. She engages with teams in a very adult to adult way, enabling them to increase their effectiveness in working both within the team and with the broader organisation in which they are situated. Her ability to help the team understand, and act on, what makes the difference to team dynamics coupled with sound business sense, have resulted in transformational work with teams.

Sally founded the Coaching Centre of Excellence in 2010 at GlaxoSmithKline where she has been accountable for setting the strategy for coaching globally as well as coaching individual executives herself. In 2016 GSK Coaching received the International Coach Federation (ICF) International Prism Award for Global Excellence, and Sally was recognised as Internal Coaching Person of the Year by the publication Coaching at Work. Prior to setting up the Coaching function in 2010, she was VP Leadership and Organisation Development and held other Executive Development and Organisation Development positions during her 20 years at GSK.

She has a Doctorate in Coaching from the International Centre for Coaching at Oxford Brookes University, an MBA and a degree in Psychology and Anthropology. She has the NTL Organisation Development Certificate and is accredited to Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level with the ICF.