Online event

Virtual voice: speak, so others listen

As more and more of us are working remotely, your voice is more important than ever. How you speak can transform your authority, your impact and the quality of your relationships. Now is the perfect time to master this fundamental and invaluable skill.
10 September 2020
13:00 – 14:00

Though we’re relying more than ever on technology to stay in touch, research suggests that working in a purely virtual workplace can decrease, amongst other things, project success by 50% and trust by 80% (Dr. Karen Sobel-Lojeski).

In this immersive 60-minute webinar, you’ll explore how you can use your voice to have an impact in online meetings. Led by voice and accent specialist, Janie van Hool, you’ll explore:

  1. The visceral voice – understanding the impact of voice and what we might need to adapt to make ourselves easy to listen to and understand.
  2. VoicePrint™ – understanding what we intend to convey when we communicate and how to adjust our voices to influence our audience successfully.
  3. The VAPER model of voice – 5 key vocal dynamics we can assess and address to increase our presence.

This session is fully interactive to allow for practice and feedback. We’ll provide you with downloadable resources (including tools and checklists) to take away.

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