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Map Out a More Meaningful Future: Master the Art of Personal Reinvention

Has lockdown made you think about your future, your career and what kind of life you want? Find out how iOpener will help you.
1 July 2020
13:00 – 14:30

About this Event

Has staying at home made you question where you're going? The i-coach iOpener programme helps you define what really matters to you, and in turn realise your true potential in life and at work. Book your place at the iOpener webinar to find out how.

As we live for longer, we’re facing more possibilities than ever before. These days we have multiple careers, learn new skills and take life in all kinds of exciting directions even when lockdown changes everything.

But many of us feel trapped and frustrated. We know we want to make a change, yet we’ve never learned how to manage significant life or career transitions.

iOpener is a transformative personal development programme from i-coach that will guide and support you as you step back, reflect on what matters to you and map out a more meaningful future.

It then equips you with essential life skills that enable you to continually evolve and embrace change, whatever form it takes.

In this workshop you will find out what iOpener is all about, what you will gain from the programme, how it works and why the skills it supports you to develop will enable you to reinvent yourself effectively.

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