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Everything you need to know about iOpener

iOpener offers space, guidance and support to individuals wishing to map out a more meaningful future. Find out more on this free online webinar.
8 – 24 February 2021
17:30 – 18:30
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iOpener is a world-leading personal development programme.

It offers space, guidance and support to individuals wishing to map out a more meaningful future.

In this free online session with Dr Caroline Horner, you will find out exactly how the iOpener programme can help you.

iOpener could be for you if:

  • you are facing change or want to make a change in your life
  • you need the time, space and structure to reflect
  • you want to figure out what really matters to you
  • you seek support to take action
  • you wish to develop tools to embrace change

In this session you will learn more about:

  • the programme structure
  • the coaches and how they are allocated to individuals
  • the flexible, blended learning approach

The session is both obligation-free and free of charge. There will be an opportunity to ask questions – we’d love to hear about your own situation and talk about whether iOpener would be right for you. Book now.

Read the testimonials of those who have transformed their lives with support from iOpener and hear how what they learned through the programme continues to have an impact on their lives years later.

Webinars taking place:

  • 08 February 2021 (17:30-18:30) to register click here
  • 24 February 2021 (12:30-13:30) to register click here

08 February 2021 (17:30-18:30)

Register here

24 February 2021 (12:30-13:30)

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